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4 Months

Gabriel hit the 4 month mark today.  He is growing like a weed!  Everyday there is something new to be discovered or trick to learn.  We have his 4 month doctor’s appointment on Friday so his stats will be coming shortly.

For now Gabriel’s likes are:

Silly faces

Silly noises

Bath time with Dad



Watching Reily from swing and jumparoo

Patty Cake


His rings


Drooling ( a lot)

Eating his fingers

Getting tickled


Watching Cardinal Baseball

Looking at the picture slide show on the Apple TV


We had a small photo shoot at 5am and I could not be happier that he is a very, very happy baby when he wakes up!  Reily had to get in on the photo shoot as well.


St. Gabriel’s Picnic

* Half of this post is written by Gabriel – he is becoming a great blogger.

Gabriel has attended his first St. Gabriel School picnic.  It was a success.  Gabe had a very busy day before making an appearance at the picnic.  He went on a 5 mile run with his Dad, while Reily and I walked 3.  Then we went out to breakfast on Main St. in St. Charles at Picasso’s.  We quickly ran home and took a bath with Dad while Mom ran to Target to get a lot of needed items.  After a very short nap, we loaded up the car and headed to the mall to get flip-flops for dad and an accessory for Mom’s outfit.  Then it was on to the picnic.  I met so many people who knew my mom and Zio Andrew.  Everyone said I was a Manzotti, until they saw my Dad.  I watched Mathew and Catherine go on a few rides and then it was back to the beer booth to say my good byes, I’m not used to the heat yet.  Mom and Dad had another reunion to go to so I went home with my Aunt Michelle.  We had a fun night of playing while Mom and Dad had a semi-date night without me.

Below is the only picture my mom remembered to take at the picnic.  You can see the church and the infamous Ferris Wheel from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (in a year or so, I might be on the kiddie rides).


1 Year Ago

1 year ago today I was sending Scott text messages of positive pregnancy tests while he worked late.  And it was a crazy week after that.  I took 4 tests just to make sure it was really positive.  In a little over a years time, Scott and I have started new jobs, that we both LOVE, went on a trip to the Northeast, done home improvements and then Gabriel Scott joined us.  It’s been almost 4 months and I’m thankful every day that I get to wake up to a chatty, healthy, smiley baby boy.


Gabriel’s Room

We added a few more items to Gabe’s room to make it feel more like a completed room.  Before he was born I had found a few things to hang on his wall over his crib.  Of course time passed and I never bought them.  I finally bought them a week ago and Scott was nice enough to hang them, along with a shelf, for me this past weekend.

I have to say, the room looks more complete and my voice doesn’t echo off the walls.  I just need to buy a frame for one more picture to go up and maybe some curtains for the window. 


Sports Shelf

Sports Shelf

Tough Weekend

Gabriel had a very tough weekend of going out to breakfast with Aunt Michelle, going to the Soulard Farmer’s Market, meeting new people, going for a run with his dad and watching the Cardinals games.  This is what happens after a very tough weekend.


At least he was still rocking his Cards gear and dreaming of a Sunday win and Yadi not getting kicked out.



Well, we have survived another tornado.  This one wasn’t as bad as the infamous Good Friday tornado of 2011, but this time it was a little different.  With the Good Friday tornado we felt the pressure drop in the house and saw the trees bending, of course we were standing at the kitchen window watching the whole thing.  This time we headed straight to the basement as soon as Scott got home from work.  We knew the storm was coming and it was going to be a bad one.  We were right.  We lost power around 8 and then the power flickered for the next 10 -15 minutes before staying on for the night.  Although we had power, we lost our cable/Internet connection.

So what do you do with a 3 1/2 month old during a tornado?  We bring out the Jumparoo and show him that he can stand.  Then we sway him to sleep and then mom and dad quickly pass out while watching a movie.


Overall, we just had down branches in our yard.  The cable and Internet came back on sometime Saturday evening.  Although, just a short drive from our house, on the Rock Road, there was a down power line and trees pulled up by their roots.  I think we missed this one by 5 miles.