Fall In St. Louis

This past weekend was my first full weekend back in St. Louis. I took full advantage of having different things to do. I now know there are way too many bars in South City. Many more than that few I’ve driven past or heard other talking about. But every time I visited I never really went out drinking and now knowing where to go out is foreign to me. Thanks to Tom, I now can check off Blackthorn’s off Wynoming, for pizza, and can Felix’s and Seamus McDaniel’s in Dogtown.

I had decided earlier in the week that I was going to take Reily to a dogpark that I found. It was located in Wilmore Park and thought she would love it. I might have been right had I read the signs that it was a member only dog park. I found that I would of had to pay yearly fees of $80 since I’m a non-city resident. We decided to pass on that dog park and just walk Wilmore. Reily didn’t seem to mind one bit, even tried to jump in one of two lakes.

I made my first trip to the Missouri wineries. We ventured up to Agusta and went to the Sugar Creek and Montelle wineries. I was surprised to see everyone bringing their own food to Sugar Creek. It was a great day to roll out the blanket, eat and drink to the live music. The only down side was the wine most of us liked was very expensive. I actually ran into the Zenner’s from Bentonville, AR at Sugar Creek.

After Sugar Creek we drove down the road to Montelle. What a view from the top! It made the horrible walk to the top well worth it. After an afternoon at the wineries we drove all the way to Soulard, to Big Daddy’s, for the Mizzou/UT game. I think most of the bar stopped watching after the first half and I concetrated on the Boston/Tampa baseball game. (Go Rays!)

On Sunday, I went on a Kron family outting to Grant’s Farm. I believe the last time I visited I was 12 or even younger. I don’t think too many things have actually changed there. The thing that still scared me was the tram ride through the park with live animals. The wild buffalo just inches away from the doorless tram. The thing I enjoyed the most, the free 2 or more cups of any AB product I wanted to try. Those smart AB retirees started to recognize you after your 3 glass. I still think feeding the goats or just letting them eat your clothes is my favorite part.


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