Apple Time!

This weekend was another fun filled two days. I decided to hit the mall Saturday morning to start my search for winter clothes. I was able to find a couple shirts and still need a winter coat. I met up with Ben & Ellen for Elizabeth’s soccer game at Tilles Park. Reily joined and had a fun time going for a walk around the park. I was able to catch up with a new people from St. Gabe’s.

After the game Reily and I headed over to Ben & Ellen’s to let Lily and Reily play. The dogs got along well, thankfully. We then headed over to Hampshire Vetta for Benton’s basketball game. On the way I decided it would be ok to join Ellen and the girls to see High School Musical 3. I walked away with such a headache, I was informed that the first one was the best.

On Sunday I went apple picking at Eckert’s in Millstadt, Illinois. I didn’t remember there being more to do than just picking apples. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pumpkin launcher, shot pumpkins over 100 yards. There was an animal feeding area, spinning apple rides, pig races, and cloggers. The apple pickings were slim by the time we made it to the trees. I managed to take an apple to the nose, thankfully no bruising the next day. We even hit the pumpkin patch on the way back. There was a pretty good selection of 15lb pumpkins. If you look hard through the pumpkin patch you can see the St. Louis Skyline.

After the day at the farm we stopped at Otto’s in Millstadt for an early dinner. I’m pretty sure the bar was built in 1900s. I was told they have amazing fish sandwiches, I had an amazing hot dog.

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