Somewhere in the Middle America…Omaha

Ahh, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a drive to Omaha. I’m finally feeling like things are getting back to normal. On the busiest travel day of the year I drove to Fariway, KS to meet my cousin and family and continued the drive up to Omaha with them. I was amazed as to how small KC looked. I remember trips to Omaha and my dad saying no stopping until we are through KC. KC is nothing compared to the Dallas or Houston metro areas. Needless to say I was in Kansas in no time.



The drive to Omaha brought back a lot of memories, like the truck stop in Kingdom City, MO what we stopped at for breakfast every trip and of course Winchell’s in St. Joe, MO. I couldn’t be happier to be back in the Midwest!


The Sheldon family tradition is to meet the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at Johnny Sotino’s Pizza for drinks and gossip. This place has not changed in the 11 years since my last visit, except there is no smoking! The video game area still had The Simpson’s game, but missing was Mortal Kombat. After beer and pizza, those who could drink moved out to downtown Elkhorn, NE to Clancy’s bar.


A new Thanksgiving tradition is the Wii. My aunt bought a new Wii so the boys could have things to do. Every other year we fought over the pinball table or air hockey table, this year 4 people could play and then those not watching were entertained. Here are a couple pictures of my cousins having fun!


The Wii games!

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