Bands, Hockey & Bars

 I went to see a St. Louis band on Friday night. I had ties to the band as the guitar player went to grade school with me. The band, Flash Cassidy, surprised me. I had no idea what I was going to hear when I got to Cruisin’ Route 66. The first band that I heard just sounded like a lot of screaming and had me nervous. A little rock and alternative music is what Flash Cassidy brought to the table and I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.

At Cruisin' Rte 66

At Cruisin' Rte 66


The St. Louis Blues haven’t been playing the best hockey lately but I still wanted to check out a game. We were able to get free tickets to see the Blues take on the Minnesota Wild. The seats were great and the Blues even won ending a 2 game losing streak. Hockey is one sport I missed watching while I lived in Texas.


After the hockey game, I finally got to experience Washington Ave. It’s a new trendy street in downtown St. Louis full of bars and new Loft apartments. The crowd is a little more dressed but and more young professionals mingling. Over all it was a fun evening to be out and about, anything is better than the below freezing temperatures.


Along with the night life I managed to get Reily involved in the holiday fun. I spent a little time at the Birch House on Sunday and took a great picture of Reily. As you can see from the picture she is extactic to be in the picture.


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