Work time!

jobsAs a new year begins, I look at what needs to be accomplished to have a successful year.  Or at least achieve one major accomplishment.  Last year I successfully made it out of San Antonio without looking back.  This year I think I would like to continue growth of living on my own. 

The only way that will be done, however, is to find a new job.  Now I feel like I’ve been really only just talking about it.  But with this economy it’s hard to feel truly motivated to start looking when there isn’t much available.  I feel that my current job was great to have, it made the move up here less stressful and the job itself isn’t too bad.  However, there isn’t much of a challenge on a daily basis.  I’m not able to communicate with clients like I used to.  From this experience I’ve learned that I’m not one to sit at a computer all day long (mainly because my eyes can’t handle it). 

So, I’ve decided that I need to start updating my resume and get the ball rolling back into the sales area.  First stop, to update the resume and new city.  Then it’s time to start networking, I’m amazed as to how many people I know are actually in sales in the St. Louis area.


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