Aggie Wedding Time

As much fun as it is to read about a weekend events I feel obligated to write about my friend’s wedding.  It was the first wedding in was in since I was the flower girl in my aunt’s wedding in the early 80s.  But I am happy to say that I survived my first wedding that I was in the bridal party.  My friend, Samantha, finally married Jerry after almost 11, yes, 11 years of dating. 

Friday I arrived in Houston around 11 and was taken to Sam’s house where we ate lunch and killed some time before we could check in to the hotel.  By the time we got to the hotel it was hurry, hurry, hurry mood.  And off to the rehersal dinner.  The rehersal was crazy.  The wedding coordinator could not coordinate.  No one in the bridal party knew what they were supposed to do during the wedding.  But that’s ok, we we hurried out so the local high school could have a sports banquet. 

Off to dinner where I was sat in the back at the “kids” table.  Not really kids but our maturity level was about 15 years old.  Needless to say it was a fun dinner.  After dinner and toasts we went to Sam’s parents house.  My parents had hung out in Houston during the day and met up with us at there.  I spent a while catching up with my parents.  It had only been three weeks since I last saw them. 

The day of the wedding consisted of hair appointments and lounging around the hotel.  We managed to get all of our pictures done well ahead of time but of course the ceremony was delayed about 5 minutes, guests took a while to get their seats.

I have never felt so gross while being so dressed up in my life.  The wedding was on a stage and the whole bridal party stood under very hot stage lights.  Thankfully it was only 20 minutes for standing up there.  After the ceremony it was time for some food and dancing…I even busted out the running man with Samantha.

Samantha and I dancing

Samantha and I dancing

After everyone was gone we headed over to Molly’s, a dive bar in Kingwood, TX.  I was exhausted from the craziness of the day and only lasted until 1:30.  Kelly and I made it back to the hotel.

Kelly & I

Kelly & I


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