shepard-fairey-barack-obamaI consider myself to be fairly conservative when it comes to politics and life.  I should state that I did not vote in the last election do to moving from Texas to Missouri.  After listening to some of Obama’s speeches and watching all of the inaguration this week, I actually think he is a step in the right direction.

As a child of an extremely conservative father, I have heard everything one can hear about how wrong it is to be a Democrat, I have to say I’m not so sure my dad is right.  Now, it’s just not Bush’s fault the way the country ended up when he left office.  It’s not fair to blame him for everything.  The Senate could of made better decisions to improve the country.  Who cares if McGwire used steriods, do we really need to have Senate Hearings to discuss baseball when the country is at war, no.

I felt very proud to see Obama as the first black president.  I think he has the youthful mind set that our country needs to get motivate and get the economy rolling again.

For those who are still thinking of moving to Mexico, go ahead.  There is nothing you can do for another 2 years, by then we can see how well Barak has done.  This is our country and we need to unite now more than ever to get those who have lost their job, home back on their feet.


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