Apple iPhone

apple_iphone_zoom1Since I first saw the iPhone I knew I wanted one.  I waited almost a year after they first came out to purchase one, of course right before the 3G was available.  I had months of fun playing on the phone and getting to know how it worked.

Then out of the blue, the bottom of my touch screen froze.  I could not get the keyboard to pop up so I could text.  It was hard to move around any options even while in the phone mode.  I was very upset, I did not have an extra $200 laying around to go buy a new phone.  So after doing some research online I kept reading, go to the Apple store.

I made it to the Apple store after a week of all one word texting.  They were very helpful and told me that I needed to set a tech appointment and even tried to sqeeze me in on a Friday night.  I set up my tech appointment for Saturday morning and hoped for the best.  While I did have to wait while employees strolled in to work the service was good.  The tech guy came out, saw the problem and said we’ll just trade out phones.  Of course I asked if I could get the new upgrade one, but sadly no.  Either way I had a brand new iPhone without having to pay a dime!

The cool thing about the iPhone was that every time I synched my phone it backed up all the information, including phone numbers.  I thought I was going to have to reinput all 100+ numbers.  Ah, the joys of Apple.


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