St. Louis Blues

iphone-jan-2009-001I went to my first St. Louis/Chicago rivalry game that I can remember.  It was great to be in that atmosphere.  I loved the chats to “Let’s go Blues” changed ever so cleverly to “Blackhawks Suck.” 

The game overall was great, the Blues score in their only goal towards the end of the second period.  They were on the power play and Brad Boyes was set up perfectly.  The crowd was very restless throughout the game as there were plenty of missed opportunities to score.

We went to another game Monday night.  It was the first time in 3 years that the New York Rangers came to town and they probably should of stayed in New York.  The game was a low scorer but the action was great.  The Blues played very physical.  Cam Janssen threw 56 punches in his one and only fight of the night.  The Blues went on to win 2-1.  Slowly the Blues are making their way out of the basement in the Standings.


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