The boys of summer are back

cards-logoIt’s offically baseball season!  The sport I live for and one big reason I moved back to St. Louis is in full swing.  The Cardinals have had 2 series with the cubs and are tied 1-1 for the season.  Even better news was that the Cards swept the dis-Astros.  After moving back I have realized what the people of Houston don’t understand, THERE IS NO RIVIALRY BETWEEN THE CARDS AND ‘STROS.  The real rivalry in the Central Division is the Cards and Cubs, it goes back to the 1800s. 

Since the season has started I’ve been able to see 2 Pujols’ grand slams!  One against the dis-astros and, the better one, against the cubbies.  New prospect Colby Rasmus looks to be coming around and will be a great outfielder for the Cards.  Even Khalil Greene is looking good with a couple homers. 

I now just need to get some tickets to support my Redbirds!


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