Pampered Chef

pamperedchefAs a way to increase my funds I have recently become a Pampered Chef consultant.  So far, it’s been helping me save money by cooking at home way more than I had been.

After about a month of talking with and meeting with my Director, Ruth, I decided I could totally handle what Pampered Chef had to offer.  I placed an order for my starter kit and 2 days later it was here!  I spent about an hour opening each box and checking out the recipe cards that came with each individual product.  I finally realized that I was excited to cook, although I still hate going to the grocery store.

My roommate decided to help me out with my first practice party.  About 5 of her friends came over and we made a pizza.  I had gone in with the idea that no one was going to buy anything but at the end of the night I sold over $200.  The only issue I had with the party was the minor dog fight under the table over a piece of cheese.

Last night was my first monthly meeting at Ruth’s house in Belleville.  I was nervous and excited to meet other consultants and hear how everyone got started.  I was able to meet Susan, my Director’s Director, and Dan, a fellow consultant.

Dan was an interesting guy, he started Pampered Chef 3 years ago in memory of his daughter who lost her battle with breast cancer.  He choose Pampered Chef since their number one charity is breast cancer awareness (all May you can buy Pink products).  At one of Dan’s parties he only makes desserts and tries to make them healthy.

Now that I’ve met other Pampered Chef people I’m back to being pumped and ready to sell more.  I currently have 2 standing orders for a catalog party and would like a couple more before I submit.

Hopefully, this will be the start of a fun new career or at least a great new hobby.


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