Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Life has been very good for me with the exception of work.  Work was just a place that I went to but dreaded the 8 hours that I was there.  Our group had slowly been going down hill.  Since December we started losing clients at a rapid pace.  Once clients started to leave our staff was informed that our jobs were no longer safe.  Although our boss stated that no one’s job was safe there was a select few that knew who that really applied to.

In our office, our boss has her favorites.  She has her golden boy, the one who barely works but can do no wrong in her eyes.  The office gossip, the one who spies on everyone in the group and reports back to the boss. And then there is the clueless few who just do their job without questioning.  But it was the 3 that questioned the motives of why or actually had a suggestion that went against the grain were the ones who were not safe.

So in early February the first was let go.  We found out that our group lost $12,000 in monthly revenue from January.  The funny thing about the person who was let go, she didn’t lose a single client.  Golden boy and office gossip lost clients.  My boss stated that this employee didn’t know what she was doing, in fact Golden boy never properly trained her when she was hired.  Then two weeks later we lost our biggest client said they were giving their 30 day notice and so was another company.  There went at least another $12,000.

Still everyone is on edge because we never knew who was next.  I was struggling to get an appointment for our newest client.  I was focusing my attention all on this client but it wasn’t enough.  My boss removed me from this client and said that I was confused and didn’t know what I was doing.  Even though that was false, I was unable to get contacts on the phone and unable to have conversations with the prospects.  Just another way my boss would lie to clients.

So I my clients were dwindling down.  My law firm was ending at the end of the month, they were easy and didn’t have to make calls for them.  Another client wasn’t even paying us and I was told to not worry about them.  So I was down to 2 clients.  In my last weeks there I was told to clean my calendar up and get caught up on my calls, for what I wasn’t sure.  I was also helping with research, looking up e-mail addresses to help with another side of the company.

Everything seemed to be working well.  I even scheduled 2 appointments last week, of course with no response from my boss.  I had gotten used to rarely receiving praise from my boss, unlike the screaming of joy that I often heard with Golden boy or Office gossip got an appointment.  So to my surprise when I pulled into the parking lot on the morning of Monday, March 22 I saw my boss’s car I knew something was going on.  She is rarely in the office before 8am.  I went to my desk and started up my computer.  I had just tried to open my e-mail and noticed my my password didn’t work when my boss told me that we needed to talk.

She stated that due to the loss of clients they couldn’t afford to keep me with the company.  She asked if I knew this was coming.  I did say that I had an idea something was going to happen.  I didn’t go into detail with her but she had threaten me that I needed to get appointments, which I did, and I needed to clean up my calendar, which I did.

I learned that my now ex-boss has informed my co-workers that I was let go do to the economy and inconsistency (I had more appointments than Golden Boy since I started).  Also, I must have known that I was going to be let go since I updated my LinkedIn profile.  I’m still wondering why my boss needed to 1. tell my co-workers about LinkedIn or 2. stalk me on LinkedIn or 3. why what I do on LinkedIn matters.  I love how my ex-boss creates lies about me to make herself look better.

I have learned that my ex-boss is a horrible person and does not know how to manage a team.  She cannot motivate a team.  She is great at putting people down and lying about people or clients in order to better herself.  It is the business world and there are shady people out there but the shady people try to hide their shadiness from others.  They do not out right lie to subordinates about their team members, nor do they have people spy on team members.

As annoyed that I am with my ex-boss I am so happy to be no longer working at my last job.  I am officially happy for 8 hours a day again.  Less stressed and edgy about what will happen next.

Now my step to find what I really want to do started as soon as I was let go.  I officially have the time to really search for my dream job.  I’m actually excited to take this time to ask the questions.

My goal is to document my unemployment process.

Day 1.

Filed for unemployment and applied for 7 jobs while talking with ex-coworkers to discuss office morale.


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