New Week, New Outlook

As the week begins I have found a couple new tools to help me in my job search.  I have never hid the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter.  However, I do acknowledge the benefits that it holds for someone in my situation.  So a few months ago I decided that I should rejoin the Twitter world and see what I was missing.

Although I haven’t tweeted much, I have taken advantage of those that post jobs on there.  And this past weekend Scott showed me the wonders of TweetDeck and how that can help me.  I now have a fancy setup that allows me to get up to the minute posts from anyone who mentions St. Louis Jobs.  It’s been great when I’m screening who I want to apply with.

I, also, completely redid my resume.  I thought it needed to be more eye catching and so I changed the format so that hopefully it is.

Besides those two changes Monday wasn’t as productive as I had hoped.  My great aunt, Zia Julie was admitted into the hospital over the weekend and I spent most of the afternoon with her waiting for her to be released.  It’s amazing, they tell you that you are being released and then 3 hours later they finally bring in the paperwork.  All in all she is much better and was able to walk out on her own.  Not bad for an 85 year old!

It was also Mathew’s 4th Birthday!  I hung out at the Birch house last night to celebrate with him.  Mathew cleaned out the Cardinals aisle at Target.  He got Cardinals jersey, bat, ball, wrist bands and Toy Story 2.  We played a little baseball before dinner and then worked on some puzzles.


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