Lone Star State

Scott and I took our first vacation together to visit my family and friends in San Antonio.  We had 3 full days to spend there and we were busy.  On Friday we took a day trip to Austin and explored downtown for the afternoon.  We had lunch at Moonshine Bar & Grill and it was wonderful.  Afterwards we cruised 6th Street and viewed the much quieter bar scene on our way to tour the Capital Building.  The Capital Building was very interesting, viewing the art work, the Senate room and the offices.  It was worth the stop.   Even if we couldn’t couldn’t go into the reception room.  

We did stop across the street from University of Texas and walked along and saw a small street fair with jewelry.  We stopped at a local coffee shop to relax and people watch.  We drove back to San Antonio to meet up with my parents for dinner.  After dinner Scott helped my dad fixed his “computer problems” and we relaxed a bit before heading out to meet Jason, Kendra and Jon at the Flying Saucer.  I’m extremely happy that Scott was able to finally meet Jon & Jason since they have been a big part of my San Antonio life and even more happy to know that Kendra approved!

On Saturday, Scott and I went hiking in Eisenhower park.  It was fun showing Scott Reily and I’s hiking route and the faint sound of gun fire from Camp Bullis in the background.  We cleaned up and headed down to the South East side of San Antonio for lunch at Big Lou’s.  This was Scott’s only requested stop while in San Antonio.  We had seen this place on Man vs. Food and their famous 42″ pizza, so we had to try it.  Since my dad had been there a few times for lunch at work he drove us down there.  It was a good 30 minute drive to the pizza place from my parents house into to a iffy neighborhood.  While waiting, and it was a long wait, we met Big Lou and he talked to us about how he uses the best ingredients to make is pizzas and that they are expanding soon.  Big Lou was right, the pizza was amazing!  And completely worth the wait.

After lunch we we and walked around downtown San Antonio and enjoyed being tourist for the afternoon.  It was a great afternoon.

Scott & I at the Alamo

Me & Scott on the Riverwalk

After our tourist afternoon we tried to head back to my parents house but on our way back to the highway we were stuck behind the Immigration Reform parade.  The parade lasted about 10 minutes and it was the most unorganized parade I’ve ever watched.   We made it out to Niki & Chris’s baby shower.  I was happy for Scott to meet more friends, April and Niki & Chris.  I finally met Josh, April’s boyfriend.  All in all it was a fun event.  I had an even bigger surprise that afternoon and found out that Cody was in town.  After a quick Rudy’s run, Scott and I headed over to Oak Hills Tavern…the old Frostie hang out for a few drinks and laughs.

Scott & I at Oak Hills

On Sunday we visited with Kelly, Ken, Katie and Allie.  The girls just keep getting bigger and they are so much fun.  After hanging out with the girls we went down to Alamo Cafe for a quick lunch.  We then drove up to Gruene, Texas to check out the town.

Me & Scott in Gruene, Texas

We did the old time pictures and then went down to Gruene Hall, the oldest Dance Hall in Texas.  Gruene was the perfect day, we saw Robyn Ludwick and Guy Forsythe there.   We then came back home and had my dad’s birthday/mother’s day dinner with my parents and then spent a relaxing night at my parents house.

It was a great trip down to San Antonio and Scott survived my parents, even though he thought my dad was going to kill him.  😉


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