Mini Flood

Nothing like coming home to disaster. I came home this morning and found that my shower exploded! The crazy storm that we had caused the sewer to back up and come up through my shower drain and later found out, through the drain in the laundry room next to my bathroom. But it gets so much better! As I started to put more clothes away I walked to my closet to find that the carpet in my closet was completely soaked!

I called my landlord and he was over here fairly fast. After assessing the damage he had a carpet guy come over and suck up 10 gallons of water out of my closet carpet! 10 gallons! After cleaning that up he placed a solvent on there is hopefully prevent the mold from forming. I’m very skeptical of that even working since the carpet still feels very wet. I did get a fan in there to start trying to dry it out. The goal is to let the fan go all night to see what happens tomorrow.

What I think will happen…they will be here tomorrow to start pulling up the carpet and I will have to move somewhere while they do the work. I think there is more than just the carpet needing to be replaced since I can see the water level going up the wall. I have taken pictures today (Thursday) and really hope that it’s not much worse tomorrow. But I will not live in a moldy basement. On the bright since, I have not had any damage to my belongings!


One thought on “Mini Flood

  1. So after a week and a half my apartment is back to normal. My carpets were professionally cleaned and look better than they did when I first moved in, almost a year ago. I still feel as if there is a musty smell in here and I think that will take some time to go away but things are starting to get back to normal…

    Now to decide if I want to continue my lease for another year or go month to month or move out completely…

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