Summer seems to be in full force and with that I seem to be super busy.  Last Saturday alone was the start of busy weekends to come.  I started off with yoga in the park with Liz and Theresa.  We got there a few minutes late and missed out of a few downward facing dog and that’s alright by me.  Of course afterwards we headed straight to the farmers market and the freshly made crepes.  Who can resist strawberry and chocolate crepes on a Saturday morning?!

I hurried home to get cleaned up for the International Horseradish Festival.  Yes, that’s right, International Horseradish Festival.  Scott & I met up with Tom and Kristin and drove over to Collinsville, IL to take in all the fun and excitement that one can experience around the horseradish.  They did have a lot of booths and games, there was a drive the root to win a foursome at a local course and who can throw the horseradish the longest.  Plus many different food booths with dipping sauces to try, even a Bloody Mary competition.  All in all it was a great afternoon.

Tom, Kristin, me, and Scott

We even met some new friends from Collinsville who helped us find the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle!  It was worth the drive to find and get some pictures!

Kristin & I

After we returned from Collinsville, Scott and I headed out to Chesterfield to meet up with another couple for dinner at 54th Street Grill.  This was recommended by Boland (Chris) so we’d give it a shot.  The food was great and it was even better to finally get to meet his fiancé, Chrissy.  The only problem Scott & I had was that we had probably eaten too much crappy food all day and the Gringo Sauce did us in.  The rest of the night we kept saying that “Gringo kicked my ass.”  The next time we all go out we are showing them the awesomeness of South City and the Hill and Ted Drews!

On Sunday we slept in a little and then it was time to attack the backyard.  Scott did an awesome job and finally clearing out the last section of brush on the hill and now you can see all the tress back there.

Backyard Before

By just finishing that spot the yard looks 120% better.  Reily was able to play fetch and “help” Scott out while he made piles.  Reily is extremely happy with the yard and loves running around.  It’s the first thing she wants to do when she walks in the door.

Reily playing

Later Scott’s parents came up to install the custom closet shelving into the master bedroom.  It’s amazing how much bigger the closet actually looks once that was installed.  It was a busy weekend and seems to be looking like a busy summer.  This weekend, St. Gabe’s picnic, can’t wait!


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