Unemployment Update…

I haven’t done much on updating my unemployment status and so now is as good as ever.  At the beginning I did have a few interviews, one as an admin for an advertising firm and I did make it to the third interview for an inside sales position.  However, since then interviews or even call backs have been scarce.  I have sat at the computer for long hours of the day try to find jobs that I am qualified for and that I would succeed at but again, those are hard to come by.  So, I apply for at least 4-6 real jobs that I am really qualified for a week and a bunch of others that seem to be dream jobs and hope that someone will call me back.

On a positive note, I have taken this time to really enjoy summer vacation.  I haven’t had a true summer vacation since I was 16 and only had one job that was about 25 hours per week.  I have been truly burnt out on corporate BS that I just don’t want to deal with office drama any more.  It has mentally taken a huge toll on my life and I’m just not ready for that.

On a side note, after talking with Scott about the job front he suggested that I  look into a career in Real Estate.  Since I seem to have an eye for what needs to be done to sell a house, I might be able to use my sales experience and be out of an office with that career path.  It’s an option that I’m willing to take a look at.  Who knows, it might be something I really like…But getting started might be difficult.

Now that I have a few options in mind as to what I can do for the future I may see if any of my resumes are received and if I get any call backs in the next month.  If not, I’m going to start seeing how much it takes to get licensed and get moving on a new career.

I do keep in touch with old co-workers, ones who have moved on and ones who are still at my past place of employment.  How my old employers are still able to make payroll amazes me!  I love hearing gossip of not being able to pay for stamps, or people being asked to leave or even the possibility of clients being on the edge of leaving and my old boss begging them to stay.  Of course the clients that do stay, the company does the work for free.  And then there are the two idiots that I worked with who think they are the smartest people there and constantly do nothing and get paid huge bonuses.  I like to think that my being laid off from this company was the best thing that has ever happened.  I have been able to get three of the worst people out of my life, reduced stress and enjoyed a much needed vacation.  Now I can sit back and wait for the sinking ship to go down….


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