Grizzlies and Wicked!

Another fairly busy summer weekend has come and gone by.  We started the weekend by taking in a baseball game…no not the Cardinals but the Gateway Grizzlies.  Tom, Kristin, Scott and I made our way over to Sauget, IL to watch the Grizzlies take on the River City Rascals in a local minor league show down.  Scott and I had been wanting to take in a game here ever since watching a Man vs. Food episode with the Best Burger in baseball.  I was curious to just try it and Scott wanted to eat multiple burgers.  The burger consisted of a Krispy Kreme doughnut used for the bun with cheese and bacon.  As told we did not add any ketchup or mustard because that would just ruin the whole taste of the burger.

Best Burger in Baseball

After trying some of the food we tried to find some shade.  It was a very hot evening our seats, although close, were right in the sun.  We hung out in right field for a a few innings.  There wasn’t a bad seat in the house in this ballpark but it was still minor league ball…and after going to Cardinals games it is hard to realize how slow minor league games go.

From Right Field

The view from our seats

The Grizzlies ended up losing 6-3 and had a slight rally in the 9th but it wasn’t enough.  The Rascals brought in a side armed reliever that seemed to be unhitable.   We sat right in front of the visitors bullpen and it was fun to watch the players warm up and see how fast they really to throw.  Back to the burger, I was able to get my one bite and it was enough.  I was not a fan of the salt and sweet taste together.  Scott managed to eat the whole thing and felt it with him all the way until the next morning.

Saturday morning we participated in the ALS walk in Forest Park.  I am personally affected by ALS, a former teacher at Ursuline is currently battling it and a friend (Kate) from grade school lost her father to it.  Kate reminded me of the walk on Friday and I quickly signed us up for it.  Scott and I met up with Kate and Matt before the race near the Ursuline group.  I was able to say a quick hello to Mr. Dailey and let him know that we were there to support him.  It was fun to see him and a few other UA teachers.  I was amazed to see how many UA girls and family members were there to support Mr. Dailey.  The walk was a huge success and I will definitely do that annually.

We decided that we had had enough of the heat and sun and needed a break.  The good thing was that it was just in time for the USA vs. Ghana game in the first knock out round of the World Cup.  Ghana scored first and quickly and it wasn’t looking good until Landon Donavon scored on a PK.  It gave the USA a little ray of hope.  With a 1-1 tie, they went into overtime and then Ghana scored…the USA couldn’t do anything to come from behind and score.  And just like that they were sent home.  The great showing has again brought much attention to soccer in the USA and hopefully we will get more MLS teams.  Now with the USA and Italy out, it’s hard to decide who to cheer for.  Brazil is still in and Spain the favorites are currently in a 0-0 tie with Portugal (as I write this).  And then there is Argentina and Messi.  All I know is there is a lot of soccer drama still to come in the last 12 days of World Cup 2010.

Saturday night was the most anticipated event of the whole weekend.  We finally went to see Wicked at the fabulous Fox Theater!  We went to dinner on the Hill first and then made our way over to the Fabulous Fox.

I had heard great reviews from friends but had not heard any of the songs and had a little idea about the plot.  But I knew I had to see this while it was in town.  The reviews did not let me down.  The play was great.  The cast was great.  The songs were great.  It had me wanting more the whole time.  I highly recommend this play or even the soundtrack, it was that good.  I would love to see it again before they leave St. Louis, if I could find the time and money!

Dinner before Wicked


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