Weldon Springs

We found another place to hike around St. Louis.  We drove into St. Charles County to tackle the Weldon Springs park and hike 5.3 miles on Saturday morning.  The hike included some moderately strenuously hills that came out to some amazing bluffs view the Missouri River.

The hike guide stated that it was to take about 3 hours to hike the 5.3 miles for the Clark trail or 8.2 miles for the Lewis trail for about 5 hours.  We chose the Clark trail.

We did feel that the trail was poorly mapped out and there were no maps at the beginning of the trails.  Also, there were no guides along the way to let you know you were on track.

Otherwise the first half was great views and lots of hills, even a deer siting.  But the second half was mostly walking through forest and creek beds.

After seeing the entire trail we decided that we will be back in the fall to see the leaves change.  I’m sure it will be very pretty to see that!


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