Career Path

After almost 4 months of looking for a job I have been offered a job as a buyer’s agent with a  local Realtor.  It’s is a new career path that I’ve decided to take.  I’m a little nervous about this adventure but I feel that it really is the right move for me.

After about a month of hints from Scott that I would make a great Realtor I had a job interview with a real estate agent for a market assistant.  I didn’t get that job, I didn’t think I really would have but hadn’t had an interview in a while and needed the interview experience.  The day after the interview I received a call back from the Realtor and she stated that she kept thinking about me for a position as a buyer’s agent.

A buyer’s agent will take clients who are looking to purchase homes out and handles the contracts and negotiations for the buyers.  I will have to get my real estate license and take classes but I will have continuous education through the company.  I’m very excited to get started in my new career.  I truly feel that this will be a great career and a long career for me.


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