Night out in Forest Park

This weekend we had tickets for the Muny on Saturday night.  We needed to find a way to kill a little time before we headed over to our seats but wanted to get decent parking.  So we decided to go to Bar Louie for a late lunch/early dinner and watch some of the Cardinals game.  After a quick bite we headed to the Zoo.

This was the first time at the Zoo this year for me and this first time as an adult at the Zoo for Scott.  It was a really hot day to be walking around but I felt like we had timed going to there perfectly.  It seemed like all the families with little kids were pretty much gone and the craziness was pretty much over.  We were able to walk without the crowds and really see the animals that were out.

After hanging out at the Zoo for a hour or so it was closing time.  We then walked around near the World’s Fair Pavilion to kill a little more time.  There was a wedding reception going on so we couldn’t really see much of the Pavilion but it really is a site to see.

Finally it was time to get over to the Muny to see Damn Yankees!  What a play!  This was the one play that the Muny was putting on that I wanted to pay to see.  The other performances I could sit in the free seats and be ok.  Our seats were great until the woman next to me sat down.  She was a larger woman and the breeze that I had before she sat down was gone.  Once the play started I quickly forgot about the heat.  But that was short lived.  It was just too hot, even after the sun went down.  With about 3 scenes left until intermission, I started looking for empty seats and was able to find an almost completely empty section that we moved to after getting more water and some food.  Scott and I really liked the play and truly love going to the Muny!


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