Moving on up…

It’s official I’ve moved out of my little, yet awesome, apartment on Nottingham and moved into Scott’s house.  It pretty much took about 3 weeks to totally move everything out of my little apartment.

I had made the decision about 2 months ago to make the big move into Scott’s house in Maryland Heights.  So I knew I had plenty of time to move all my stuff out.  And every week I would take a car load up and it actually made the moving process not so painful.  The best part was while I was in Hot Springs, Scott moved all of my big furniture pieces so all I had to do was come home and clean an empty apartment.  It was great!

Now that I have moved into a house, Reily has a backyard to play in and she loves it.  It’s been amazing to watch her play in the yard and run up and down the hill.  It really seems to have done wonders to her knee.  The only down side I’ve learned is that I’m no longer living in the City.  Although I do know it won’t be permanent.  It should only be about a year or so to live here and then back into the City.  So far it’s been a great move!


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