Shaw’s Garden

On Sunday the weather was just too nice to stay inside and watch football all day long.  So we decided to check out the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  The last visit was back in March…

And it was a little chilly and most of the plants still hadn’t bloomed just yet.  But in March we were dying to do anything outside, kinda like this past Sunday.  We drove down and walked around almost the entire park.  I thought it would be a little more crowded than it actually was but there was still a good crowd.  We were on an off weekend there, the previous weekend was the big Japanese Festival.  Instead we were able to walk around without running into lots of people.

I think the fish were the only ones who were really suffering, but I don’t think these fish really suffer all that much.

It was nice to get out and walk around.  It is definitely a place that I could go back to over and over and still not see everything or keep remembering everything from when Andrew and I used to go there over summer vacations.

After MOBot we headed over to Bar Louie in CWE to catch some of the Rams game and grab some food.  However, they only had the Rams game on the smaller TV.  It made no sense to us so we ate and headed home to watch the game in comfort and let Reily out to enjoy day as well.

The Rams did lose but they looked a lot better than last year and it was a close game.  As a hopeful fan…there is promise….


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