I was very excited all baseball season knowing I was going to able to go to a Cards/Cubs rivalry game and have awesome seats and not have to pay for them…A perk of my boyfriend’s job.  So last night I went to the last Cardinals/Cubs series of the season last night…and the Cardinals really look like they have given up all hope of even attempting to fight for a Wild Card spot.  The last game we went to was back in August against the Phillies and it was fun, they came from behind to win the game with a few homeruns.  Tonight, even with Pujols out with elbows soreness the team didn’t try to dive for balls hit up the middle infield or down the third base side. I had pretty good seats to see these easy plays….

Pitching pow wow in the 8th

What’s worse, they were losing 5-1 and LaRussa kept Wainwright in through the 8th inning!  Did he not have any faith in the bullpen?  Were they completely exhausted from the night before’s loss to the Cubs?  It’s the Cubs!  We should be doing everything we can to win these games!


Holliday made it to 3rd

Needless to say, after a lack luster performance the Cards lost the second in a row to the Cubs, 7-2.  Colby did hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 9th.  We actually left the game in the middle of the top of the 9th, first time this year we left before the end of a game…it was just pitiful.   At least football has started.  Go Big Red!


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