Fall Ball

It’s official, the Cardinals are eliminated from the going to the post season.  This season started off with so much promise.  The reigning National League Central Champs came in a distant second place to the Reds…The Reds?  They haven’t been in the playoffs in 15 years!  Since August the Cardinals have rarely shown up for the what should be “easy” games against horrible teams and they should have given the Reds a run for their money in September.  Instead the Cardinals will be going quietly into their winter break with a lot of annoyed fans.

This past season I did get to see 2 grand slams, one by Brad Penny ( his last game played in 2010), the other by Filipe Lopez, and only saw 2 losses, one to the Reds and one to the dreaded cubs.  A major highlight of the season was the Cards win on my birthday.  The game was started with a brawl with Yadi and Brandon Phillips (Reds) and was escalated when the pitcher, Johnny Cueto started kicking with his spikes on causing career ending injuries to Jason La Rue and bruises to Carpenter.  The Cards won that series but after that they never showed as much passion to win as they did in early August.

I just hope 2011 turns out better that 2010 did…at least we aren’t the hapless cubs fans and we know there truly is a chance to win a World Series next year.


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