Taste of St. Louis

I love going to Taste of St. Louis.  It is so overwhelming to see all the food and restaurants there but then again it is amazing to be able to pick and choose a little of everything.  I made it down to the Taste on Sunday afternoon after the Rams game (a win, the second in a row!) and the Cardinals game (a win and the last of the season).  But amazingly the streets aren’t crazy packed like last year. We are able to walk up and down and see all the food booths before deciding what we are going to eat.  After we get to the end of the long row of booths I am starving, the smells of all the great food is overwhelming.  There are really too many options.

I settled with some calamari from Savoy for an appetizer and really I would have gone back there for more of their food options!  Then we went to Mama Campisi’s and tried their chicken spedini and it was really lacking flavor.  The sauce was bland but it looked great, guess that’s why looks can be deceiving.  My dad’s spedini is so much better.    And then lastly I had a pulled pork slider from Edmonds 15 and it was ok.  Kristin did have some great fish tacos from a Mexican place in Old Webster Groves that I would like to try.

After filling up we checked out the art scene on the other side of Soldier’s Memorial Park.  They had a lot of local artists, a few new ones that I hadn’t seen before and a few that I’ve seen at other events.  Also, there was a lot of live music this year.  It seemed that every corner had someone performing.  We managed to catch Nikko Smith’s act.  I can see why he didn’t win American Idol but I was hoping to see Ozzie in the crowd somewhere…

I now can’t wait to check it out next year!


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