Summer in October

This weekend felt like summer.  It was back in the mid 80s Saturday and Sunday and for a while it felt like a San Antonio fall day.  Something that I didn’t really care too much about.  However, my weekend really started on Thursday with me finally passing my Missouri Real Estate exam.  This means I am finally done with testing and am almost a licensed Realtor!

I celebrated by meeting up with the Birch’s at Benton’s soccer game, my second game of the week.  Both games were very intense and close.  One went into OT and then PK’s, Crossroads won that game but on Thursday the other team scored late to break the tie and won the game.  Afterwards, I took Mathew to Kindermusik class and Elizabeth tagged along to get some homework done.  After Mathew’s music class we went back to the Birch house to watch the Nebraska game!  It was a great win and an even more fun night to watch the game with the kids, even though they are Mizzou fans!

Friday I dropped off my paperwork at the office and was told that my application to get my real estate license was going to be overnighted!  Very exciting news!  I then had the day to enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to study any more!  Friday night we BBQ’ed and cooked at home and then went out to see  The Town.  Not a bad little Ben Affleck movie.  I’m always surprised with his directing abilities.

Saturday was another busy day.  Reily and I took a walk at Creve Cour park.  It seems the only time we make it out there is when there is an event going on at the same time.  This past Saturday there was a walk for Diabetes, too bad we showed up a little too late to sign up.  It was already in the mid 70s but 10:30 Saturday morning.  Reily was really wanting to jump in the lake but she settled for getting her paws wet.

After cleaning up we headed to Millstadt, Illinois for some apple picking at Eckerts.  Thankfully we might have missed the rush at Eckerts by going a little later.  Although we did have to wait a while for the tractors to take us out to the apples but it wasn’t too bad.  We did have to get some water to stay cool!  We picked some Golden Delicious and Fiji’s and now have plenty of apples for pies, cobblers and sauces that I need to make!  After getting our apples we headed to the pumpkin patch.  We then walked around a bit to find the perfect pumpkin out of thousands!  Grabbed our pumpkin and then headed back to the tractor for our ride back to the main farm.  We bought about 15lbs of apples and a 17lb pumpkin while we were there.  Going to Eckerts, any location is a must St. Louis Fall activity.  I remember doing that when I was 3 with my grandma, although it was much cooler when we went.

Sunday was the Columbus Day parade on The Hill.  We decided to get there a little early to get a good seat on the parade route.  Last year we just went to the festivities in Berra Park and missed the parade.  This year we were going to see the parade and skip the park.  I think we made the better decision this year.  We grabbed a bench in front of my cousin’s restaurant, Rizzo’s Station Pizzeria and waited.  For a while it looked like Debbie, my cousin, wasn’t going to be able to open and Scott volunteered to be a waiter if she really needed him.  But her help arrived just in time for the parade to start.  Watching the parade was a lot of fun.  Lots of candy came flying our way and even ran into a friend who I’ve known since I was 3!

After the parade we headed to the Highlander to watch the Rams game…hoping they were putting up a fight by the time we got there.  However, they looked horrible.  It was an embarrassing loss.  Thankfully there were about 10 other games going on at the same time to distract me from watching the horrible Rams.

It was another great busy weekend and now time for a busy week to start.  Happy Columbus Day!


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