Winery Trip

It was another very busy weekend.  Saturday started with a little volleyball in Clayton.  Nothing like watching 7th grade volleyball.  Although I didn’t get to watch too much of the game as I was entertaining a 4 year old and signing up Scott for the Go St. Louis Halloween 10K.  But Elizabeth’s team won their first match of the season Saturday morning so it was a big deal!  Mathew and I managed to get some soccer practice in as well.

I did sign Scott up for the Halloween 10K that was Sunday morning.  After the volleyball game I ran the kids back to their house and they were off to the zoo and I was off to the Augusta wineries for a 30th birthday party bash for people I’ve never met before.

I met up with Kristin and we then met up with the group and hopped on the party bus and drank and ate and drove out to Augusta.  The drive wasn’t that bad, especially since we didn’t have to worry about anything.  We stopped at 2 different, Mount Pleasant and Sugar Creek.  Both wineries were packed.  It was a beautiful day in St. Louis and everyone is taking advantage of being outside.  So our hour at each place went super fast.  We even stopped at the biker bar on our drive back.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon…much better than watching Nebraska lose to unranked Texas.

Sunday was race day.  I got up to cheer on Scott and Ellen while they ran the 10K.  Elizabeth and I were able to watch the start of the race and see all the costumes go by and then get a perfect spot for the finish line.  We saw the winner finish the 10K in under 31 minutes!  Here is Ellen about to cross the finish.  We completely missed Scott running past us.

Ellen in pink

Here are a couple good pictures of the costumes:


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