License to Sell

It’s official, I finally have my Real Estate License and am able to take buyers out.  It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally happening.  This past weekend I was able to go out with my boss with 3 different buyers to look at 2 different properties (we looked at one twice).  Overall it was great to listen to her interact with the buyers and give her feedback on what she could work on so I know what areas I will need to focus on in the future.

Today we met up with a potential buyer who gave us a verbal offer on a house and my boss presented the offer to the seller and they will entertain the offer if the buyer puts it in writing.  I’m now on the verge of possibly having a contract to write on a house or have buyers to work with if this house is what they are really looking for.

All in all a huge sigh of relief is felt since I now know that I am legal and can really start talking to buyers.  My first open house will be this weekend…Halloween.  Not too sure if that’s good or bad but I’ll take it!


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