Halloween 2010

Halloween is always a fun time for me to relive my childhood.  I loved going around the neighborhood with my neighbors and friends and telling jokes and seeing how much candy I could get.  And then as I got older tping kids in my class’s house or having shaving cream fights in the streets.

This year Scott, Reily and I headed over to the Birch’s house to celebrate.  The kids were still getting ready and Ellen was still getting food ready for us and her parents so I’ll helped get Mathew’s costume on.  Mathew was Batman, Catherine was a bag of Skittles, and Elizabeth was purple grapes.  Benton is officially too old for Halloween, being that he is a freshman in high school and 15 in a week!

This year the trick or treaters started a little earlier than we had hoped so Scott maned the table while we got dressed and then Mathew and I came out to listen to a few jokes while everyone else ate dinner.  Mathew soon bailed on us and we were left listening to jokes and giving out candy.  I have to say that I didn’t hear that many really good jokes compared to last year but the best costumes were a refrigerator and Flo from the Progressive commercials.  Reily, of course had her scary skeleton costume on and I was the green M&M again.  It was a great night.


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