Da Blues

So the St. Louis Blues have started the season off to one of the bests starts in franchise history.  Last night they were trying for the best start with win number 8 in a row, on the road in Columbus.  It didn’t happen.  The injury riddle team finally lost, and lost bad, 8-1.  And to top it off suffered another injury to a top player.  TJ Oshie broke his ankle!

Even though this was just one game and it was the last of a 3 game road trip, it’s hard to say when the injuries will catch up.  But the good news is that hopefully those who are out should be coming back soon.  The team still looks good with the guys are much more determined this year!

Our goalie, Halak has been solid in net!  I’m not sure what Davis Payne or Doug Armstrong said during the off season to get the young guys ready but it’s working and it has made them fun to watch.

I love that they have been ranked number 1 in the ESPN polls for 3 weeks in a row!  I just wish that rest of the hockey world would take them seriously and start noticing them.  They still haven’t received much TV air time on Sportscenter or even news headlines, besides St. Louis.  Even St. Louis, non-hockey, fans aren’t paying attention.  Maybe that will change once football season dies down.

But for now Let’s Go Blues!


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