Royal Engagement

It would seem fitting that I should write a little something about the big engagement announcement  this week between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Every time they come on the news I watch it or if there is a news article online I’m reading it so why not talk about it a little more.

They have been dating for 8 years with a break around year 5 and part of the reason they got back together was, supposedly, with a promise that he would marry her…That kinda seems far fetched but it’s the royal family and anything is possible especially after waiting 5 years.

Also, after 8 years of dating Prince William seems to have made sure that he wants his marriage to last unlike his parents marriage.  After all my reading, he seems to be modeling his marriage after his grandparents who are still together (after 60 plus years).   William does not want to give the press more ammo than they will already have and therefore, he will continue to strive for a squeaky clean image.  He can leave the partying image to his brother.

But it does seem like the world will be watching them closely and Kate will be hounded just as much as Diana was, if not more so.  But to keep Diana in the loop, William did give Kate Diana’s engagement ring, which is now the most sought after ring.

Not too bad looking, but I don’t think I could handle the pressure of wearing Diana’s ring if I was Kate.  Nice little manicure that Kate had done before the big announcement!


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