John & Cindy take STL

My parents came for a visit, finally!  My dad had to do some work up here and it was a good excuse for my mom to take a fall trip to St. Louis to see where I’ve moved to and get a much needed Italian food fix.

My dad got in on Tuesday afternoon and quickly started visiting people.  He headed down to South County while I showed a house and then he came over to the house and surprised Reily.  That dog didn’t know who he was at first but soon realized he was the guy who gave her lots of attention.  But he took Scott and I out to dinner at Pujols 5.  Then  on Wednesday my dad had a few calls and then I went to dinner with him and his co-worker at Gian-Tony’s.  My mom arrived late Wednesday night.

Thursday morning I woke up and met my mom at the hotel and we quickly headed to my office so I could signed up for a conference room for later that day.  My mom was able to meet a few people that I work with and then it was off to Break Co. for some much needed breakfast.  We did a couple drive by’s of places that my mom hadn’t seen in years and of course stopped at Sign of the Arrow.  Then Thursday night we all had dinner at Favazza’s on the Hill.  By all, I mean, my parents, Scott’s parents and Scott and myself.   It was a successful dinner minus the loud music and the chilly atmosphere, we sat on the in closed patio and was heated by a fire.

Friday was another busy day of meeting my parents at Tim’s house for lunch and catching up with him for a while and then Scott and I went to Milo’s to celebrate Zipf’s birthday.  It was a good night out.

On Saturday I did some Hill shopping with my parents.  It concluded with lunch at my cousin’s restaurant.  I just can never get enough of her pizza!  After shopping we watched a little football and took some naps and then it was time to get ready for dinner at Zia’s and then it was off to our first Blues game of the season!  We managed to see a great game between the New Jersey Devils and the Blues!  Thankfully the Blues squeaked out a 3-2 victory for the sellout crowd.

Blues salute the crowd

My parents left early Sunday morning.  It was a busy, busy few days with them in town.  Now just counting down until they move back!


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