Tree Cutting

We have our Christmas tree!  We drove all the way down to Festus, MO to cut it down at Meert’s Christmas Tree farm.  Since we went on a Friday morning and there was no one there we were able to drive our car all the way over to the trees and park.  Normally, you have take a tractor ride over to the trees and wait for them to pick you up.  It was nice to not have to wait and stay a little warmer longer.  Also, we could really look up and down the aisles without any competition.

Our 2010 Christmas Tree

We searched for about 20 minutes or so before we found our tree.  After a few pictures with our tree Scott started sawing away at the tree.

Thankfully it didn’t take much to get it down and just like that we were pulling it back to the car.  We stuffed it in the back of my car and I carefully drove us back so they could shake it out and so we could pay.  Then once it was tied up it was time to make the long drive back.

This was the first time I’ve ever driven with anything on the top of my car and thankfully the tree made it’s way back without moving!

Now if we could just finish the decoration.


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