Christmas Spirit

The holiday spirit has really started.  It never really feels like Christmas until there are Christmas cookies in the house and so I started making sugar cookies on Thursday and finished up on Friday.  I’ve been told they are great and they look awesome!


We went to the Gateway Men’s Chorus Christmas concert on Friday night to really kick off the season.  Some of the songs were Jewish holiday songs and a few others that I had never heard of and then there were others that they completely changed and made their own and they were great!  I was very entertained by all the songs and everyone who had solo’s had great voices!

On Saturday we had a fairly busy day.  In the morning we attended Tom’s, brother Mike’s memorial service at St. Dominic.  It was a nice mass and I’m happy that Scott and I both were able to go, even if we didn’t know Mike it was nice to show support to Tom and his brothers and parents.   Even though I had to leave mass early, Scott stayed till the end and paid our respects.  I had to rush to an open house that was fairly busy for me.  It’s nice when those are productive.

After the open house I headed home so we could cook dinner before going to see A Christmas Carol at the Fox Theater.  On our way to the Fox, a woman distracted by her kids ran into my car.  No major visible damage to my car and that’s on going and I’ll write more later.  We made it down to the Fox to see the show on time!  The show was great and I love that we have made this an annual event to see.

Dressed up and off to the Fox

Santa at the Fox

We woke Sunday morning to a couple inches of snow!  Reily was not a fan of the early morning surprise.  But since my car was not going to allow me to go anywhere, I was not doing an open house and with the roads being iffy and it being windy, we decided that it was movie/football day.  We caught up on a couple Netflix and some football and made chili in the croc pot.  It was a great lazy, snowy day!

Reily playing in the snow


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