My car

The jist of what happened to my car, we were driving to the Fox and driving on a 4 lane road with speeds that should be 30mph.  We got to a point where the church on the left was having a live Nativity and had animals and a spotlight.  And I noticed the white mini van almost stopped in the lane of traffic.  I was slowed down, even though there was no one else around.  When she started to veer into my lane and I tried to avoid her and then she slammed into my front passenger tire pushed us across the 2 oncoming lanes.

She immediately stopped and was getting out her information and was saying her kids distracted her.  Even when I was trying to write my information down I could see the kids fighting in the backseat of the van.

I’ve filed a claim with insurance and am waiting on the tow truck to come and get my car because the alignment is seriously out of whack.  The tow truck showed up tonight at 6:15 to take my car to the body shop.  I expect to hear news about what is wrong and estimates starting tomorrow, I  hope!

Dent above tire

Crack in mirror

Damage in rim


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