Catherine’s Birthday

I finally was able to celebrate Catherine’s birthday last night.  It was only 7 months late, but better late than never.  I had intentionally planned on taking her shopping like I did Elizabeth, however we could never find a date that fit with her busy schedule.  She is a very busy 8 year old.  And then the school year started and more soccer games on the weekends and practices during the week.  Then I came up with the idea of taking her to a hockey game since she had never been.  So I needed to find a free Friday or Saturday night to take her.  And then it was Christmas Break.

The plan was to keep her in the dark and not let her know she was going to go until close to the actual game.  Since I told her we were going shopping I went ahead and purchased a Blues shirt and brought it over to the house and told her that I went shopping for her birthday without her and she needed to open the present.  When she opened it and pulled the shirt out, I then informed her that she needed to wear that shirt on Monday night when we went to the Blues vs. Canunks game.  Her eyes got so big, she was pretty excited and pumped to go.

On Monday I picked her up and we headed down to the Scottrade Center and met up with Scott.  We got there early enough to get food and get to our seats to watch the Blues come out of the tunnel which was right across from our seats!  Catherine was engrossed in the game from the get go.  Asking questions about the plays and watching everything.  I was happy to finally let her see the plays and hear the player talking to each other live.

Catherine and I at the Blues game

The Blues didn’t play their best, they hardly shot the puck but they did score and we only sat 2 sections away from the Towel Guy!  So that was awesome to see up close!  It was a rough game for Catherine to see the Blues take on the chin but she loved watching the hard hitting.  Of course there was some action in the parking lot when we were leaving that was even more exciting than just watching the actual hockey game.  Maybe the next game we go to the Blues will pull out a win.

All in all I think Catherine was very happy with the wait for her 8th birthday present…maybe the Blues will be playing hockey in May this season and we can do this all over again!


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