Christmas in a Nutshell

Our Christmas was great!  It was busy, too.  It started on Christmas Eve with Scott and I running some last minute errands in the snow.  Yes, we woke up Christmas Eve to snow coming down and it didn’t stop till Christmas day.  I was very pleased to have a white Christmas.  My first one that I can actually remember!  Since there was snow coming down the malls were not too bad at 10AM on Christmas Eve, not good for retailers but great for us.  After our running around Scott remembered that he still had a few other gifts and was off to Best Buy and Target at 1:30, they were busy.  But I stayed home and did laundry and enjoyed not going anywhere.

Once he returned we packed up the car with presents for the Birch’s and headed over to their house.  We had heard a rumor that Santa Claus was stopping by around 4 or 4:30, just before his schedule got too busy.  We got down there and helped make chocolate covered pretzels, play with the kids and even shovel some front steps for neighbors.  And in the middle of all our hanging out there was a knock at the door and Mathew was the designated door opener.  He had no clue that the other side of the door was Santa Claus.  Santa brought each kid a gift and wished Scott and I luck in our upcoming marriage and then even went through the Good or Bad list.  Somehow, Scott’s name was not on the Good List (not sure how that happened).  And Andrew’s name had a question mark next to it, which made all the kids laugh.  Then Santa read the Night Before Christmas and then he was gone.

On Christmas morning we woke up and hurried to get to Scott’s parents house in time for breakfast, which was awesome!  After breakfast we opened all of our presents.  I ended up getting Rams vs. 49ers tickets (game on 12-26-10), a basket from Bath & Body Works, Seinfeld Season 5, a photo album of things Scott and I have done, we got a gift card to Niche, and gift card to the movies.  After we opened presents we were off to the movies to see How Do You Know? It wasn’t the best chic flick.  The movie was really slow and it wasn’t upbeat like a chic flick normally is.  If the editing was done better, I think the movie would have been much better.  Needless to say, 1 of the 4 who went to see it liked it.  After the movies, we had a late lunch/early dinner at Scott’s parents house.  I just can’t go a Christmas without Christmas ham!  Once we got home and took care of poor Reily, she got a stuffed duck for Christmas, we watched Christmas movies.

The day after Christmas Scott and I went to the Rams game (more on that later) and then we had Christmas dinner number 2 with his sister Michelle.  Since she had to work on Christmas day she invited us over and cooked for us.  She does the best job on cooking things that I would never think I would like and I give them a try and they are amazing!  She made a steak with gravy, creamed spinach, broccoli, corn, focaccia bread, mashed potato and Scott’s mom made a chocolate pie.  Afterwards we opened more presents.

It truly was a great Christmas!


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