San Antonio & New Years

I spent 6 days in San Antonio, way more than my 4 day rule.  And it was a lot down there, but I was able to catch up with  a couple friends who I haven’t seen in a very long time.  I was able to see my friend Niki’s little boy Gavin during lunch at Alamo Cafe.  He is adorable and was so good while we were at lunch.  He even posed for pictures with me.

And then we had fun pinching each other’s cheeks.

Scott made it into town on Thursday and we did some serious outlet mall shopping.  It’s always nice to be able to get up there and find some great deals…we actually drove up there twice!  We had dinner at El Jarro with my brother and learned all about his job and Lubbock.  And I finally got to see his new car, it’s pretty nice!  After dinner, Scott and I headed downtown to check out the Christmas lights around the Riverwalk.  That is the one thing San Antonio does well at Christmas.  Those lights are amazing to see.

Us on the Riverwalk with the Lights

We stopped in at Durty Nellie’s to listen to the piano player for a while.  The crowd was a little older and it wasn’t my favorite piano player, however it was still fun to watch people look like idiots and sing along.  On our way back to the car we did stop by the Alamo.  They still had the Christmas lights up and a huge tree.  It’s a different view of the Alamo when you see it at night.

In front of the Alamo

Kelly made it to San Antonio on Friday.  After a quick trip to the outlet mall Scott and I picker her up at the airport and it was off to Alamo Cafe for lunch.  I love Alamo Cafe!  Then it was back to my parents house to get ready for spedini dinner that my dad was making for our New Years Eve dinner.  The meal was excellent!

New Years Eve was spent at Cowboys Dancehall.  We got there early enough to watch them set up for the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) event that was happening before the main concert.  We even sat next to some Fins who informed us that there were cowboys in Finland and that the people there were not as nice as the people in Texas.  They were fun to watch during the bull riding.

Bull Rider's Introduction

The bull riding event was pretty exciting to watch.  They made the ring smaller than it normally is so they could fit more people in to watch.  Also, there were two groups of riders that went at different times during the night.  The first group fared much better, seeing that only 1 or 2 were able to stay on for 8 seconds in the second group.  Either way, it was a new event for New Years Eve.

Once the bull riding was over we headed to the main stage where Jack Ingram was to preform.  I had never seen him before but knew a few of his songs.  He is a pretty good entertainer.

Jack Ingram

Our official New Years Eve pictures with party gifts:

New Years cowboy hats

Kelly and me

I finally started dress shopping on Saturday.  Kelly, my mom and I went to our first dress shop to check out styles, fits, color and prices.  I found about 5 that I liked but was not in the mood to try anything on.  I was pretty much overwhelmed as soon as I walked into the store and was asked questions.  However, I’m really happy we went and I did find a few that I really would like to try on, on the next visit.

Later that afternoon, Scott was still helping my dad with computer issues and then they were driving out to Rudy’s to get some rub and sauce.  Kelly and I went out to visit with the Hotlzinger’s.  The girls are getting so big now, Allie is 5 and Katie will be 7 in a couple weeks!  It was fun to catch up with them and see all the new toys they’ve just got from Christmas and Birthday.

After leaving we picked up Scott and went out to La Cantera to walk around and view the new addition to the mall and we then stopped at Kona Grill for some sushi.  Later we met up with my friends Jon and Aarti for quick drinks at Lion & the Rose.  It was a very long day and a very long trip to San Antonio.


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