Home Improvements

This weekend we started doing some home improvements.  We decided at the 1st of the year that we would start by tackling the bedroom with new coats of paint.  The first room to get painted it the guest room.  We thought that the house needs to be freshed up since we will be having a lot of guests visiting us with the upcoming wedding.

So here is the green paint color in the guest room before.  I didn’t not like the color, it’s just that the room needed to be throughly cleaned and painted.

Green wall

Of course it didn’t take long to get the primer up and on the walls.  That green was gone really fast!

Nice and white!

And then came the new color…we picked yellow.  Basically all the wall art is beach themed so the yellow is the sun and hopefully it will all come together after we get the new comforter to match.  We did have some help along the way too.

Reily did a good job of sleeping while we painted

And here are our yellow walls:

With a nice snowfall out the window


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