Blizzard 2011

Here we go again with another snow storm.  It has started with ice and ended with maybe and inch or 2 of snow.  The blizzard was a week or so of complete hype by the weather people and in the end it totally missed the St. Louis area.  All day it sleeted and there was freezing rain and all day we were told that at any minute we should expect snow.  Grant it, the sleet really did look like snow on the ground, but no it was just a few inches of ice.

All sleet, no snow!

Reily checking it out before the inch of snow

It was weird to see Reily walking in the backyard with such ease after the last snow storm had her galloping through the 11 inches!  It did take me 40 minutes to scrape the ice off my car and with the help of a blow dryer I was able to get into my car.  My doors were frozen shut!  With the last storm the city had trucks going up and down our street plowing and salting, we had one truck last night and nothing since.

Last night the weatherman was trying to explain that predicting the weather was just that, a prediction and they can’t help it when the winds turn.  However, you have to remember that we were in Blizzard warnings and The Weather Channel and CNN’s weather guy was in St. Louis and missed hanging out in Chicago or central Missouri where the real Blizzard hit.  Either way, all of St. Louis has been pretty much shut down since Monday at noon.


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