Mom’s visit

My mom visited last weekend and wow, we got a lot of wedding planning done!  My mom arrived on Thursday and she was put to work on Friday.  She started by checking out hotels and even looking at florists.  Although since it was the Friday before Valentine’s Day her unscheduled trip to the florist was short lived.  But we did find out that they have worked with the church and that they were the cheapest that a family friend found and used at their recent wedding.  Later that night we went to Zia’s for dinner and then to the Cup for a sampling/desert of a possible wedding cake.

On Saturday we met up with Scott’s mom to check out the reception venue.  We drove down to the Randall Gallery and let Mark, the owner, run through his whole tour with the moms and wow, they loved it!  I was so happy that they saw what Scott and I saw when walking through there and of course we paid the deposit and took some pictures and it’s one less thing to worry about.

Where dancing and the speeches will be held

Basement art

Dining area

We then proceeded to lunch at my cousin’s restaurant to discuss possible rehersal dinner locations and even more details about the wedding.  We then found out that my cousin has a friend who is a florist!  We are going to try to meet with her in a couple weeks.  After lunch we went to St. Ambrose to the moms could see the church and talk about flowers there and get a feel for the wedding.  Scott’s mom had never seen the church and it had been a few years since my mom was last there.  Of course we still had some time and made another trip over to the Cup so Scott’s mom could trip the potential cake and see why we talk so highly about this place.

My mom and I said good byes and headed out to David’s Bridal and met up with Ellen and the girls so I could try on my 2 favorite dresses from the week before.  The girls loved seeing the dresses and we all agreed that one dress was better than the other.  It really was a no brainer and so we bought THE dress and now have to wait till late April for the dress to arrive before some minor alterations will be done, mainly the bustle will be put in.  After the big purchase we went to the mall to get a few things and then headed home

We decided that since the day was so crazy we were going to relax and watch the hockey game.  We did get some Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then watched the game at home.  On Sunday my mom and I worked on filling in the blanks on the budget and then headed out to have some non-wedding fun.  Lunch at Blueberry Hill in the Loop and then Catherine’s baseketball game in Clayton followed by Ted Drews.

It was a great trip and very productive time having my mom up here!


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