Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not a day that I go crazy about.  I truly believe it’s a Hallmark Holiday and I don’t like wasting a lot of money on it and I do not like having lots of money wasted on me.  I did, however, buy Scott a card and a new Blues t-shirt that he mentioned he wanted after I bought him a Blues hat for Christmas.

It was actually a very busy day follow a busy weekend of wedding planning and my mom’s visit.  I started the day by dropping my mom off at the airport and then quickyly headed off to work.  I did receive a bunch of goodies at the office and that helped fill me up while waiting for lunch.  I was informed mid-afternoon that I had to drive down to Soulard to pick up Scott since his car “wasn’t working.”  I knew that wasn’t true, but went along with it.

I quickly ran home and changed and let Reily out and then hurried down to pick up him just in time to get my Valentine’s Day gift, tickets to the Blues game!  Wow, it was a good thing I brought Scott’s gift with me when I picked him up!  He loved his new t-shirt and put it on as we drove to the game.  The seats were awesome!  They were right behind Luongo, the Vancouver goalie for 2 periods.  It was a great game and the Blues even started a win streak with that game!

View from our awesome seats!

Blues Victory Salute to the Fans!

Overall it was a great Valentine’s Day!  I love you!


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