Finally February is over

We had another busy weekend.  It was unexpected this time but we seemed to have gotten a lot done and none of it was wedding related which made it even more fun!  Friday night we really needed a night home.  For the last 2 weeks almost every night of the week either Scott or I had something going on one night.  So we needed a night in to relax and eat at home for a change too.  We had been wanting to make stuffed peppers for a while and last weekend we went down to Soulard and got everything and then we were never home to cook.  We took advantage of our time and made some awesome stuffed peppers!

Saturday we took Reily to the vet for her yearly check up.  She was not a happy camper with the visit until she realized it was over and she got a treat.  Afterwards, we stopped quickly at David’s Bridal to pick up my slip and then on the only Dunkin’ Donuts in STL for some much needed breakfast.  We headed home to drop off the pup and then relax for a couple hours before heading down to Soulard.  We needed to get some more groceries and gifts for Scott’s dad’s birthday.  Little did we know that the Taste of Soulard was going on at the same time.  We parked at Scott’s office and then walked over to the market did our shopping and then checked out everything that was going on.  There was tent with live music in Soulard park and it seemed that almost every restaurant was participating in the Taste.

Scott showed me where he hangs out every morning, Soulard Coffe Garden.  After walking around for a while and seeing the houses all decorated for the next weekends events we decided it was time to head home and get ready for Saturday night’s dinner.

We had plans to go out to Bartilino’s in South County for Scott’s dad’s birthday but when he came down with the stomach flu plans changed at the last minute.  Since we were already dressed up and ready to go out we decided to make it a date night.  We headed over to the Harrah’s Casino to try one of the restaurants, Sammy’s Bar & Grill.  The food was great and I learned that I like sweet potato fries!  Afterwards we were going to check out the dueling piano bar but that was dead so we decided to make it a movie night and watched Gangs of New York.

On Sunday we didn’t have too much planned except that Scott was helping at the Celebrate the World Festival up at the Community Center and then we were going to go to the Botanical Gardens.  The weather was warmer and too nice to really be inside all day long.  We got to the gardens and were able to check out the orchids and walk around the garden.  The orchid show was really interesting to see and well worth the wait in line.

We even stopped to feed the fish.  I surprisingly had some quarters to actually get the fish food.  I think this was the first time the fish were not fighting for the food.  But it’s always a highlight of the garden!  I just can’t wait till the free concerts start this summer.

After the Gardens we made it home so I could try my hand at making a roast.  I had emailed my dad back in October for his recipe and after getting a great deal on a roast at Soulard last week I couldn’t wait to finally try cooking one.  So, with Scott as my guinea pig I prepared the roast and set it in the oven and quickly the house started to smell great and a short hour later we checked on it and it was ready.  We added some fresh green beans and a salad and magically we had a great meal and I can cook a roast, too bad we do not have any leftovers for French dip sandwiches.

Add in a somewhat decent hockey game, would have been better had the Blues won and it was a great weekend!


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