Marching right along

While everyone was down at Mardi Gras, Scott and I were busy doing wedding stuff.  We met with a potential DJ, florist and bakery.  It was a rather  impressive outing, seeing that we met with everyone within 2 hours!

The highlights were that I finally have an idea about what I want to do for flowers and have a color to go with the bridesmaids dresses.  Since there are so many options to go with the black dresses and since it’s a summer wedding we have a lot to pick.  I finally had an idea that yellow will be a great idea and the florist we met with today gave us some great choices.  The price was a little more than what we had planned but it’s nice to have a starting point.

The DJ company we met was great.  They answered a lot of questions that we had about the amount of personal attention that we would get from the DJ and our do not play list.  We really didn’t know what to expect nor did we have a huge request for our DJ but we do want someone who will entertain our guest while we are not out dancing.  We think we have found that with this company.

We even stopped at a bakery to get some more ideas about a possible cake.  I didn’t think that finding a wedding cake would be that difficult, but there are just too many options.  I had done some research and hoped that we could just stop in and see if we could either set up and appointment for a tasting or at least get pricing.  We got the best of both worlds, a price list and a to go sampling.  Now if Scott would just look at the website so we can go in and talk design with them.

After a long day of unplanned wedding shopping we headed over to the Chase to catch and early showing of Black Swan.  The movie was not a movie that I usually like to see and I don’t think I would ever see this movie again but I’m happy that I saw it.  Natalie Portman played an outstanding role as an obsessed ballet dancer.  It was a little bloody and weird at parts but the suspense and to see the whole movie play out was fun and kept me on my toes.

When the movie was over we were running into people who were coming to the JunGala, a Mardi Gras Ball.  It was really fun to see everyone dressed up in gowns and tuxes.  We headed over to Bar Louis for some dinner and ran into Zipf!  It was a nice surprise to see her there and we caught up on the days wedding activity and some new gossip.  Overall it was a very busy day with a lot of progress.  It’s amazing that we even started bathroom shopping this weekend…it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the bathroom will be completed!


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