It’s finally Lent.  It seems like it has taken forever for Lent to get here this year.  Not that I’m minding a late Lent and a late Easter but it does seem weird for it to just be starting now that it feels that Spring should be just around the corner.  I do like Lent happening along with the dreary days of winter, it tends to make the giving up something not as bad and the thought of Easter and Spring brighter.  At least that is the way I like to think of it being in St. Louis when there is a change in seasons.

So for Lent I have decided to give up eating fast food.  I know this one will be fairly tough for me because it is such an easy out for lunches for me.  If we don’t have food at home or I’m not wanting to make a sandwich, I quickly run to McDonald’s.  Plus Scott and I just had Arby’s for lunch while running errands on Sunday.  I think this will help cut down on that.  I did say that there is a medical clause in needing fast food, a horrible migraine needing the grease might break it but I’m hoping to even try to find out ways around that.  Scott has decided to give up soda.  So far, so good for both of us.  I even made us pasta for dinner last night to remind us not to eat meat for dinner. 

I hope we both succeed at our Lenten promises!


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