Napoleon & BBQ

We had been wanting to check out the Napoleon Bonaparte exhibit at the Missouri History Museum since we first saw the banners hanging on the building about a month or so ago.  And this weekend we finally went to go see “The Treasures of Napoleon.”  It was well worth the wait, just like everything we’ve gone to see there is.  

A few fun facts that I did not know what that Napoleon was that he was actually born on Corsica and spoke Italian, he was obsessed with giving out titles, I was not that familiar with his second wife.  It’s always fun to see the medals and clothing from that time period as well.

While we were at the History Museum there was the annual Irish Step dancing.  Once we finished the exhibit we watched some of the dancing and was completely amazed by the speed at which they can move their feet.  Below is the senior level girls dancing. 

We decided we needed lunch after the Museum and that would be Pappy’s.  We had seen it on Man vs. Food and have heard great reviews from people that it was awesome BBQ.  I knew that there was a line to order food, but there was a long line even at 2:30 in the afternoon!  However, it was worth the wait.


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