First Spring Weekend

It’s finally Spring!  It has been a very long winter with a lot of snow and now the days are longer and starting to get warmer.  The last week was another very productive wedding week.  We met with our priest and have officially registered with the Archdiocese.  We have our flowers all set and ready to go.  That was one of the biggest decisions of the week.  I am not big on what flowers I have to have but once I figured out the color I wanted it did make the process easier.

Junior Bridesmaid Flowers

Bridesmaids Flowers

We, also, met with photographers, finally.  This was the one part of our wedding that we were not willing to compromise on and I think we have found the perfect photographer.  We even started our registry!

On a fun note, Friday night Scott and I met Zipf up at St. Gabriel’s for the fish fry and we ran into people we knew.  It was a nice flasback to sit in my old grade school cafeteria and eat at the exact same tables that I sat at back then.

Saturday, after Zipf and I made our floral choices, we went to Rizzo’s Station Pizza and chatted with my cousin for a quick lunch and then I introduced Zipf to the wonders of Soulard Market.  She was pretty amazed with how cheap the fruits and veggies were down there.  Then she found the Cardinals gear booth!  We both walked away with some new Cards stuff.

New Cards jacket

Later that night, I met up with Liz and Theresa to celebrate Liz’s birthday at Schlafly’s and then we got some desert at Houlihan’s.

It was a busy last few days and it doesn’t look like that is coming to an end any time soon.  At this rate the wedding will be here before we know it!


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