April Showers

Holy Cow have we been having some thunder storm here.  I, personally, love a good storm.  They make for great sleeping weather, but Reily could do without them.  Reily hides in the closet, under the table or clings to anyone’s leg.

This past week we had amazing lightening shows.  We even had Storm Chasers from across the country in the St. Louis area.  It’s rare that St. Louis ever gets tornado’s, grant it the area did have the freak New Years Eve tornado and it’s been a wild April across the country.  So why not, let’s have tornado sightings in the St. Louis area.

Nothing big happened by our house, we did have the sirens go off a couple times.  And even with that Reily and I were hanging out on the couch in the basement watching hockey while Scott was in the office (upstairs) working.  We had some small hail, no damage to my car or our house (that we know of ) and I think we were pretty lucky.  Just across the river, there was down trees and tornado’s that touched down.

More crazy weather to come and Reily is just ready for a calm May.


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